About Us

  • ColdNuke is dedicated to finding out the pros and cons of each cryptocurrency and which altcoins we should invest in.

Money Talks
  • Promote a crypto by donating some BTC to their specific address.

  • The coins will be displayed according the amount of bitcoins each one has received.

  • More awareness towards the coins you believe in means more people learning about them, investing in them, and their value rising.

You Know Better
  • Share your expertise by adding the pros and cons of each coin.

  • To determine which arguments are prevalent, vote on the pros and cons you agree or disagree with.


Why should I promote a coin in ColdNuke instead of investing directly in it?
  • Because with a small donation you can increase the awareness of a crypto by a lot when promoting it in ColdNuke. This will make it easier for other investors to find that coin, review their pros and cons, and maybe opt to invest in it too, increasing it's value! You will also be helping to support us and keep our servers up.

How often are the balances and ranking of the coins updated?
  • For now, balances are updated twice a day, or roughly every 12 hours. If demand increases, we may increase this frequency.

Is it possible to edit pros and cons that I have added?
  • At the moment it is not possible, so as not to interfear with the voting and taking it out of the original context. If you have an urgent edit you wish to make, get in touch with us and we will analyse your request.

What if a pro or con that was added a long time ago is no longer valid?
  • In this case, users will start to "disagree" with that pro/con, which will make it appear further down the list, or not at all.

How can I get in touch with the team, send feedback, or suggest a coin to be added to ColdNuke?
  • You can contact us directly at any time through the email contact@coldnuke.com. We will be glad to have a chat!

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